— New NFT Marketplace on the Flow Blockchain

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2 min readJul 9, 2021

🙌Hello, Collectors!

Starting something new is always gripping.
And yeah, we are thrilled to announce:

New NFT Marketplace. On The Flow Blockchain. by DApplica Launched!

To date the first collection on the platform exhibited by Dark Country Game — awesome and carefully prepared Land Packs and Bonus Packs.
*we wish you knew how many tons of work done until we write this:)

How to Use?

  1. Create your Blocto Wallet.
    ⚠️ATTENTION: Blocto wallet is case-sensitive to the email!
    Make sure you input it lower-case!
    Otherwise, Blocto will automatically create a new wallet for you.
  2. Go to the website and log in with Blocto account.

🧁As easy as pie!


Market section conprises all the listings available for sale.
Simple mechanics: choose the item, buy it and confirm the transaction with Blocto.

Inventory. Here you can check what exact assets you own.
Plus. Having items in the inventory allows for putting it for sale.

FYI: Standard ranging filters, “Search” feature, New Listings and last sales are also available.

Zoom Out

While you are waiting for the Flow Land Packs unpacker, you can yourself visit Top Expo.

If you are new here, this would be a nice starting point to get more info about Dark Country Lands.

🌞Thank you for joining us and getting acquainted with all the info above!
Hope you’ll find it useful!

🌈Enjoy your summer and follow us on TWITTER.