August at TopExpo: Main Highlights

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2 min readSep 8, 2021


Welcome to Wednesday, and to the start of the autumn!

What happens when you combine the right team, the right features, and a supportive community?

You get a proper and convenient platform. On the Flow blockchain as a plus:)

Let’s dive into the month’s takeaways on TopExpo!

New Features Overview.

In August, we introduced several important features that significantly increase the usability and convenience of the service.

  • You can now check the sales history of any item listed on the platform.

How? Just go to the preferable item and scroll the page down.
Transparent and scalable statistics = fair market.

  • The user’s profile now displays bought and sold items within the platform.
    So if you’re curious enough to wonder who has sold the item or just want to get the seller’s image — welcome to this section.

Top Expo Stats

August was quite a hot month, and there was also active trading at TopExpo!

Top August Sales

Not only does Dark Country lands cost decent money, but cards also can make a fortune.
For example, the mythical card from the vampire set “Night Mistress Carmilla” is gone for 45 flow — more than $1000.

Since the new season of TopExpo updates is just on the horizon, we are already preparing the next updates to share in October.

Thank you for reading and making this history!
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